About Accelerate Solutions

About Us

Helping you transition from traditional to digital

Our main goal is to help you transform and transition from the old to the new. We are a team of learning experience designers with a big heart and passion for learning and development. We believe that we can help you grow your company by building on your strengths and by helping you improve your company’s flexibility and capacity for innovation – both in what you offer and how you offer it.

By delivering quality, client-centric digital solutions through a range of products and technologies we aim to meet your expectations and accelerate your company’s transition from traditional to digital learning.

At Accelerate Solutions we believe that learning and development should be the cornerstone of your company, a foundation on which your company can expand its business, launches new initiatives and improves existing operations, with the goal of enhancing skills, reducing costs, entrenching knowledge and adding value to your company.​

We want to bring you an innovative and creative learning experience and to only offer you the best learning products, at the best and most affordable rates, never compromising on quality. We want to help you save time and money by offering you a holistic offering that instills a legacy and a culture of continuous learning and development and internally.

Our focus is on people, your people and how they learn, interact and internalise concepts.

We constantly strive to offer a full turn-key digital learning experience and solution from concept to final product as we collaborate closely with you to ensure a fully encompassing end product.

We understand that your company is unique and we love your content as much as you do. We want to ensure that we understand your requirements before we provide you with a digital solution and this is why we consult with you.

With a complete understanding of your requirements we collaborate with you to design and develop an online solution that meets your needs to innovate, grow and optimise your company performance.

We can help you implement your digital solution, enabling you to evaluate your return on investment.