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Persevere During Setbacks(PD1) "Persevering when bad things happen isn’t always easy. Sometimes the negative event seems too big to overcome, causing us to get stuck and to not move forward. Other times our emotions get the better of us and cloud our judgment. This is not uncommon and can happen to the best of us. Yet, we must move on, we must persevere. And if we’re at work, we must move forward quickly and competently, learning from the situation and solving for it in the best way we can. Learning and applying a technique to help you continue in the face of adversity is beneficial. Not only does it help in our current job, it also helps build our reputation as someone who is steady and capable of handling difficult situations—a plus for anyone wanting to make a future career move. By completing this course, you will know how to persevere in the face of setbacks. 30.00 06/05/2020 25/05/2021 18
Working From Home: Top Tips(WFH1) In this module, we’ll look at some tips for effective remote working from your home. We’ll cover how to create a productive routine and create an inspirational workspace. This short standalone microlearning module will take around 5 minutes to complete, contains a multiple choice quiz and is designed for use on desktop, laptop, mobile, and tablet. 30.00 06/05/2020 18/05/2021 18
Sweats to Suits(VD089) The return to the office is something that can be planned for in a more organized and orderly fashion than the WFH rush. However, are you mentally and physically ready for the return? This course is a commonsense guide for returning to the post COVID-19 workplace – from sweats back to suits! 30.00 10/09/2020 13/05/2021 18
Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers(VD093) Most of us have had the experience of waiting for information or needing something to get done before we can move forward in our work. In these situations, a piece of information or action is required before we can perform the next step in our project or work assignment. While frustrating at times, especially if we have to wait, this circumstance is not uncommon in most work situations. It’s the nature of work and working with others. The challenge we face at these times is to be careful not to stop working and stay productive. That is, we must find other ways to meet our work objectives and contribute to the team. This course is designed to help you when you are in situations in which your work or assignment comes to a halt because you must have key information or need others to complete a particular action or task. This course provides specific instructions to help you make a conscious effort to stay productive when your core work or project is stalled and you must wait for someone before moving forward again. 30.00 10/09/2020 13/05/2021 18
Workstation Ergonomics(E-01) Learn about ergonomics, and see how to adjust your desk, chair and other workstation equipment. Understand how to maintain your comfort with the layout and positioning of your workstation equipment. 299.00 07/12/2020 24/05/2021 15
Giving Clear Work Priorities(VD091) There are a lot of things a person can do to be successful in one’s job, but knowing what work must be achieved is one of the more important items. Knowing what work must be delivered and when helps anyone stay focused and achieve success within their role. Without this information, we tend to be unfocused, and may or may not deliver what we should. This course will help you provide clarity to your employees regarding what must be achieved in the next 30 days. 30.00 07/12/2020 13/05/2021 15
Clear and Concise Emails(VD095) Sending and receiving emails has become an integrated part of how we work. It’s an essential tool few can live without, and yet with all the advantages email provides it has some drawbacks too. We all know that once we hit send our email is permanent. We can’t take it back. We can’t make corrections, can’t undo mistakes, and can’t change the impression we may have made. This is the downside of email, and while we know this to be true, in a busy world, it’s all too easy to hit send without giving our emails the time and thought they deserve. This course presents four communication principles you can apply to any email you compose, for any person you want to communicate with. While simple and straightforward, it will take a conscious effort to apply these principles and practice using them. By completing this course, you will know how to compose clear and concise emails for any audience. 30.00 07/12/2020 13/05/2021 15
Perfect Guide to Imperfect Times(VD097) As a society, we have never had to live through such unprecedented times. Everyone seems to be searching for ways to not only survive but also thrive. Listen as Vado's CEO, Cindy Pascale shares her guide consisting of 5 things people can do every day to prevail in our uncertain times. You are not alone. 30.00 31/01/2021 24/05/2021 18
A1 Beginner English course This is the first course students need in their English education, containing 100 hours of lessons. Start by reading the teacher instructions for Chapter 1, Lesson 1. Share the presentation with students and play all the sound clips along the way. Students will find the course engaging and educational. The first chapter starts with key letters and sounds, laying the foundation for successful pronunciation and confident speaking skills. Continue through Chapters 1 - 10, learning about personal descriptions, family, opinions, local geography and more. This course covers all skills necessary to pass the A1 level for English. 30.00 13/05/2021 24/05/2021 17
A2 Beginner English Course This is the second course students need in their English education, containing 100 hours of lessons. Start by reading the teacher instructions for Chapter 1, Lesson 1. Share the presentation with students and play all the sound clips along the way. Students will find the course engaging and educational. The first chapter starts with restaurants and directions, practicing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills. Continue through Chapters 1 - 10, learning about transport, free time, health and more. This course covers all skills necessary to pass the A2 level for English. 30.00 13/05/2021 17/05/2021 17
A Rational Guide for Returning to the Post COVID-19 Workplace for Employers(VD088) A reintroduction to the office needs to be handled with care and done diligently. Read these 11 considerations to begin your company’s plan and ensure a successful transition back to work. 30.00 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 18
Do You Overreact(VD090) "If you believe you tend to overact in stressful situations, then it would certainly benefit you to tackle this issue. Whether you realize it or not, others notice these reactions and behaviors, and may be uncomfortable working with you, especially during challenging situations. If this is the case, it’s not good. Do yourself and your career a favor and work to get your emotions under control. You’ll love being able to better handle stressful situations, and will find this is great for you and great for others. This course provides a process to help assess how you react to stressful situations. Pinpointing the specific actions that may be creating a problem will help you understand exactly what needs to be improved. By completing this course, you will be able to determine if you tend to overreact to stressful and difficult situations. This course has been approved for 1 hour of PDU credit from PMI (Project Management Institute)." 10 mins | SCORM | Individual 30.00 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 18
Going Remote(GR1) Work in an office? Then you’ll know the feeling of taking that awful commute, in the pouring rain, only to be tied to your desk by 9 am, feeling slightly soggy and contemplating the meaning of life. Don’t despair! Office work is changing. Yes, in the modern world, work can fit around the rest of our lives. Thanks to advances in technology, such as Wi-Fi and cloud storage, remote working is on the rise. That means you’ll be able to do your job from the comfort of your home. But keep in mind, if your organization is embracing the idea of remote working, you’ve got a whole new set of challenges to face though. By the end of this course, you’ll be able to: • Understand why working remotely can be good for everybody • Deal with misconceptions • Motivate yourself to keep your output high • Choose helpful digital tools to enhance communication Why take this course? Setting up remote working teams offers staff a better work-life balance. More than that, it means companies can hire the best talent, regardless of location. That’s great, but it can cause issues, such as communication breakdown and poor timekeeping. Whether you’re about to become a remote worker, or you’re a manager considering using remote work to enhance your business, this course will help get everyone working. 10 mins | SCORM | Workbook 30.00 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 18
Internet Marketing(BB162) This course Is a Must-Take For anyone who wants to drive In more profits. You’ve heard of businesses making it big online, and others not making it at all – and the difference is whether or not they can master online marketing techniques. If you want to make money online, you simply must know what’s included in this course – including: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC) - White Hat vs Gray Hat vs Black Hat Techniques - Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Email Marketing, and Planning Your Online Strategy 1:14:21| SCORM | CustomerService@Bigger-Brains.com 299.00 24/05/2021 24/05/2021 20