Custom E-Learning

Why custom e-Learning?

Everyone is doing it…e-Learning courses that is.

Custom e-Learning is bespoke learning designed and developed to achieve a specific goal. E-Learning can offer many benefits to your company and by implementing your own custom e-Learning courses, you create a learning experience that is unique to your company.

Our team of design and development specialist will design bespoke e-Learning that meets your needs and we can enhance your training by adding beautiful graphics, interaction for learner engagement, voice over narration and animation or explainer videos, creating a blended learning approach.

In order to determine if custom e-Learning course development may be the best solution for you, it’s important to know the benefits it can provide to your company. 

Benefits of custom e-Learning

1. Scenarios training

When developing your own custom e-Learning courses, you have the ability to create immersive scenarios and reality based examples. Custom e-Learning courses enable learners to see how their actions and choices directly impact the outcome, so that they can get meaningful feedback while they are still engaged in the learning process. 

2. Quick, direct, and convenient updates

Custom e-Learning courses enable you to update the e-Learning courses or modules. This is particularly useful in situations where updates must be made frequently, such as in the case of a new product description or protocols that change on a regular basis. 

3. Assessment and feedback tools

Two of the most important components of any e-Learning course are the assessments and feedback tools. These allow you to determine if your e-Learning course is successfully delivering the core ideas, skills, or information, and if any areas may need to be improved. 

4. Freedom to be creative in order to enhance learner’s motivation and engagement

This is, quite possibly, the most significant advantage of choosing custom e-Learning course development.  

Custom e-Learning course development gives you the opportunity to create an e-Learning course that meets your needs and matches your vision. 

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