E-Learning Courses

Why e-Learning?

More and more companies are becoming actively involved in e-Learning as they start to realise how impactful and rewarding it can really be. It can help your company stand out from the competition, simply because it provides employees with outstanding opportunities to learn and improve their skills.

What are the advantages of e-Learning?

Here are the top five advantages of e-Learning.

1. Saves time and money – With online learning, your learners can access content anywhere and anytime. They don’t need to take time out from their jobs to attend classes. E-learning is also cost-effective; you can save a substantial amount on the travel and accommodation costs of both learners and instructors, as well as the venue and materials. No printing helps reduce your carbon footprint, too.

2. Leads to better retention – Modern learners prefer bite-sized, interactive content. They would rather watch a video or listen to a podcast than read through pages of a manual. The more engaging the content is, the better the learners remember information. 

3. Consistency – In face-to-face sessions, every instructor has his or her own method of teaching. Each varies in approach and style and is susceptible to mistakes. You can eliminate these issues with e-learning. Online learning provides consistent and standardised training every time. Each learner goes through the same experience regardless of when and where he or she takes the course.

4. Scalable – Online learning is scalable. You can roll it out to as many employees you need and is a one-time investment. 

5. Offers personalisation – Each learner has unique preferences and learning goals. E-learning makes it possible to cater to individual needs. It allows learners to choose their learning path and navigate at their own pace. When they decide what to learn and when, they remain invested in the course.

If e-Learning is what you are looking for and if you want to take advantage of what e-Learning can offer your company, we offer a range of e-Learning templates or custom e-Learning courses.