Learning Management Systems


There is an increasing demand for Learning Management Systems or also known as LMS to systematically implement and manage e-Learning.

What is it?
An LMS (is the learning management system or engine that powers any online training. It offers a centralised environment for creating content, delivering blended online trainings, evaluating learners’ performance and allowing users to collaborate. An LMS can help boost learner engagement, productivity, cut costs, and increase company knowledge skill transfer. An LMS also provides automation that replaces rigorous and expensive manual work, saves time, and enables the organisation to easily organise content, data and learner audiences.

Implementation and Hosting

Prior to the implementation of the LMS a complete needs analysis of your company’s requirements need to be conducted. These requirements must then be aligned to the available LMS features to fulfill the intended functionalities. This is a cloud-hosted service, which allows us to offer the site at a low cost.


There are a number of available and a great choice in features per membership plan, as well as the choice between monthly or annual pricing packages. We accept EFT payments or credit cards payments.

Free LMS Demo Platform

When you sign up for a demo platform you get a 14-day free trial to experience the platform and to decide if LMS solution is for you. Once the free trial is over, you can sign up for a recurring payment plan if you want to continue to use the LMS platform.

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