Outlook Online Essentials 2020



Communicate Anywhere With Outlook Online, the Web-Based App For Managing Emails, Calendars, and People

Sometimes you need a quick way to get to your “stuff” no matter where you are. Outlook Online, also called the Outlook Web App (OWA), is a convenient and powerful way to access your email, calendar, and contacts (People) from any web browser.

Throughout this course you will learn the main features and benefits of using Outlook Online from Office 365. The interface is very similar if you are using Outlook Online from your company as well.

In this course we demonstrate:
• Using the basic functions of Email and Calendar
• Organising your information with Search and Folders
• Using Categories and Mentions to tag items
• Helping Microsoft keep your inbox clean with Junk and Clutter
• Sharing Calendars and Email folders
• Applying Rules and Policies
• Using Signatures and Auto-Replies
• Using Microsoft To Do with Outlook Integration



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