Stay Productive While Waiting for Answers


Most of us have had the experience of waiting for information or needing something to get done before we can move forward in our work. In these situations, a piece of information or action is required before we can perform the next step in our project or work assignment.

While frustrating at times, especially if we have to wait, this circumstance is not uncommon in most work situations. It’s the nature of work and working with others. The challenge we face at these times is to be careful not to stop working and stay productive. That is, we must find other ways to meet our work objectives and contribute to the team. This course is designed to help you when you are in situations in which your work or assignment comes to a halt because you must have key information or need others to complete a particular action or task.

This course provides specific instructions to help you make a conscious effort to stay productive when your core work or project is stalled and you must wait for someone before moving forward again.

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